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October 11, 2012


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This is it, my competition to write some Rescuers fan fiction. After some thought, the competition will include both movies, the first Rescuers film and it's sequel the Rescuers Down Under. Here are the rules.

1. Must include at least two canon characters although you don't have to focus heavily on both of them. For instance, you could do a story from Joanna's point of view as she followers her master McLeach around.

2. The story must be at least 500 words long although I would encourage people to write more. Over 500 words, the length can be whatever you chose.

3. Crossovers are accepted but the focus must be heavily Rescuers rather than the other film/cartoon.

4. You may write at whatever level you like, including Mature but please include a note if there are going to be graphic scenes.

5. Your story may take place before, during or after either of the movies. If you want, you can incorporate both movies into your story.


1st prize will be a 1000 points plus a llama badge.
2nd prize will be 500 points plus a llama badge.
3rd prize will be 250 points plus a llama badge.

The Competition will end on the 30th of November, I hope this is long enough for everyone. If anyone has any questions, just leave me a note. When you have completed your story, just leave a comment on this journal with a link to the story.

Good luck and give it ago, you might win some points. ;)
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Shojo-Skip Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I got an idea for a fanfic:

The plot takes place several years after "Down Under".  The main protagonist is a newcomer in the R.A.S., an 18- or 20-year-old female delegate from China (the age depends on how old I might be by the time I post my fanfic), and her name is Amanda (my Rescuers OC).  Her fur is gray and she is a recolor of Miss Kitty from "The Great Mouse Detective".  She wears a flower behind one of her ears and a pink scarf printed with roses and lilies.
Bernard and Bianca have four children: 12-year-old Bruno, 10-year-old Bernadette, 7-year-old Brenda, and 5-year-old Brianna.  (The names have to start with B and contain at least an N and an R.)
Jake is an uncle figure to Bernard's and Bianca's kids (not biologically, but metaphorically) and an older brother figure and mentor to Miss Amanda.  The highlight of the plot is that Jake and Amanda get into a heap of rough, tough adventures and he teaches her about courage and determination.
As for Cody and Penny, they date and hope that someday they will be living together.
Sounds like a really good story :) 

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Shojo-Skip Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the emoticons.

Now (SPOILER ALERT!!!), the kid whom the Rescuers rescue is not a kid at all; she's a teenager!  Her name is Maximiliana Victoria Gray (named after her mother's deceased mentor Maximiliana Sebastiane Horne, and her mother's best friend Victoria "Vicky" Austin, Jr.).  She is the 15-year-old daughter of lawyer Zachary Gray and inventor/socialite Polyhymnia "Polly" O'Keefe-Gray and the older sister of 11-year-old twins Pandora and Persephone Gray (named after two Greek mythological women).  She has ebony hair like her father and blue eyes like her mother.  The Grays are a wealthy family who resides in L.A. and owns a country club. 

Despite being rich and beautiful, which most possibly make her popular, Maximiliana frequently gets bullied by a clique of jealous jocks and cheerleaders, so her best friend (and ONLY friend), besides Caroline Eddington (the daughter of Adam Eddington and Vicky Austin, named after Vicky's late grandmother), is a little gray mouse adopted from China (that's me).  Most people misjudge Max and think she is insane for talking to a mouse.  She does get kidnapped and held for ransom, so Amanda the mouse turns to Bianca for help.

Bernard, Bianca and their kids get the emergency message via telegram and ride an albatross to L.A., then take Amanda to R.A.S.H.Q. in New York.  At first, Amanda is so shy that she grows dependent on Bianca's kindness and gets clingy.  Then along comes Jake, who also shows kindness to her, unsuccessfully attempts to help her get over her loss, trains her for self-defense and courage, and assists and protects her in her rescue mission.
[link] FINALLY got the darn thing posted lol

Sorry for taking so long... Things came up.
No worries, sorry I didn't reply sooner but my internet has been off for the past week or so. I enjoyed it, well done.  :)
I got sick, so it's okay. :)
One more question - can you enter more than once and if you can can you win more than one prize? (Not greedy, just curious)
I hadn't really thought of that as I assumed people would only want to enter one. I am offering three prizes so I'll give it a little thought although I would love to see more than one story.
Idk if I'll get a chance to but I'll deffinately try a few different stories. :)
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