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Fan fiction
I do Transformer Fan fiction and I do the following series. G1, Armada, Animated, Movie and a little bit of Prime. I'm offering one shots for anyone who'd like one with a minimum of 1500 words. 

I will do

Slash and straight pairings.
Stories that are focused on the humans.
Mild violence
corporal punishment
humor but not over the top crack

What I won't do

Gore aka loads of blood and loss of parts.
OC focused stories (For now)
Dark stories (I'm a happy ending type of writer,
Loads of deaths (one or two is alright)

Send me a note if your interested and we can talk about what you want. 

Newest Deviations

Spark Connection by MissSparkle1 Spark Connection :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 14 9 Don't be shy by MissSparkle1 Don't be shy :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 29 7
Mature content
Prowl's Mistake :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 15 6
Surprise Adoption chapter 2
"Stupid Megatron," Bumblebee muttered to himself, his previous good mood gone. "Stupid Bond......stupid Decepticons....."
He glanced at the door, wondering if it was locked. Maybe he could risk it in half an hour or so. And once he was outside this room, he could sneak out and then drive off, straight back to the others. Wouldn't the others be proud, especially if he led them back to the base? What a hero he'd be, that would show Megatron.
He started to get really excited at the thought of his friends seeing him as a hero. Grinning at the thought Bumblebee got up from the berth and tipped toed to the door.
Even if this door was locked, he figured he could find a way out. He paused briefly to listen for any sign of Decepticons out his door but he couldn't hear a thing. So carefully, he tried the door and to his delight found that it was unlocked. Was Megatron completely dumb or something?
Sniggering to himself, he triumphantly opened the door and stepped outside. He glanced left and rig
:iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 9 2
Surprise Adoption chapter 1
Megatron watched the monitors with a slightly bored expression, one cheek resting against a fist. He wanted to learn more about these Autobots who were somehow managing to resist him. Which was strange as they were just supposed to be Space Bridge techs, mere rejects from regular Autobot service. However, they were resisting him and he wanted to find out how.
Which was why he was watching some spy footage of the Autobots interacting with each other. So far, he hadn't really seen anything of interest other than the Medic had a temper.
Bumblebee was headed back to the base after a long day of patrolling. Once he reached the base he
transformed back to his normal form and walked inside.
"I'm back Boss Bot and so far nothing out of the ordinary," Bee reported as he walked up to his leader.
Optimus smirked down at his young scout and nodded.
"Very good Bumblebee, you can go relax now before Ratchet gets a hold of you and gives you your systems check up," Optimus replied.
"Awww, I don't need
:iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 6 20
Christmas on Naboo by MissSparkle1 Christmas on Naboo :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 9 9 McLeach catches Cody by MissSparkle1 McLeach catches Cody :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 3 3 Kronk's Thanksgiving by MissSparkle1 Kronk's Thanksgiving :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 13 15 The Halloween Egg Stealer by MissSparkle1 The Halloween Egg Stealer :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 4 21 Bernard to the rescue by MissSparkle1 Bernard to the rescue :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 2 4 Princess Leia's interrogation 2 by MissSparkle1 Princess Leia's interrogation 2 :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 9 10 Dynamite In Action by MissSparkle1 Dynamite In Action :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 5 5
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TF The lost seasons - the ties that bond cover raw by Taleea TF The lost seasons - the ties that bond cover raw :icontaleea:Taleea 27 6
Quick questions, does anyone know any artists who do dragon pictures? Either as requests or commissions? Thanks


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Eilidh Macleod
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Scotland
Favourite genre of music: disney, hee,
Favourite style of art: manga
Operating System: It must be here somewhere
Personal Quote: Meh


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Hi, I'd like to reach this goal so I can donate to others and also ask for comissions.

1-10 points for a llama and comment.

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71-80 points for a llama, eight comments and five faves.

81-90 points for a llama, nine coments and six faves.

91-100 points for a llama, ten comments and seven faves.

Over a hundred points means all of the above and a watch.

Thank you, every point helps. I'm sorry I can't draw anyone any pictures but I can tell you what I think of yours.

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disneyfangirl774 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Since you have done spank fics, here are some of my own: Olivia Flaversham and Fidget Clean UpFidget and Olivia were helping Basil clean up and Fidget made a mess and forced Olivia to clean up his mess and Basil saw all that is happening and Basil was not very happy with Fidget bossing her around! How immature and bossy of a peg legged bat like Fidget!
“Fidget, I’m not cleaning your mess and you can’t make me!” Olivia scolded, “So YOU clean up it up!” But Fidget obviously dismissed it as "back talking" and acted tough, fuming as if he was an authoritative parent, who was about to punish a child, but out of spite, "Olivia! You know how I handle naughty kids who talk back? I break things in order to make them clean up their attitude!" In a fit of rage, he threw things, but Olivia stopped him and she pushed him. "Fidget! No! Stop!"
After Olivia pushed the bat to the floor, Basil threw her a belt and said, "Olivia, use this for your benefit."
"Thank you," Olivia said.
"You're not going to hurt me, are you?" Fidget asked fearfully as he stood up a
Basil's PunishmentBasil of Baker Street, the mouse detective, who was very bored, found a sleeping Fidget on his armchair and poked him. Basil needed to play his violin.
“What do you want?” grumbled a tired and grumpy bat.
“I need to sit down and play my violin,” Basil replied in a shaky voice.
“Why couldn’t you wait until after I finish my nap?!”
“I’m bored.”
“You’re bored, you say? I’m going to have to spank you!” Fidget boomed.
“What!” Basil shrieked, but Fidget’s bare hand aggressively smacked his bottom. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Is this any way to treat your elders?!”
“I didn’t want to have to do this to you, but I have to,” Fidget replied, though his expression was cold.
“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Basil yelped miserably at each whip, “Please stop! Have mercy!”
“This is what happens to inconsiderate people who wake people up when they’re t
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Happy Birthday!
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